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Sweet Cherry Liqueur Recipes

Nalivkas (Fruit Liqueurs)

Sweet Cherry Liqueur 1

591 ml sweet cherries (Bing)
376 ml 100 proof Vodka (non-flavored)
148 ml simple syrup
2-6 drops lemon extract
Into a quart jar, add cherries that have been cut in half and pitted. Add alcohol and water to cover cherries. Macerate, tightly covered 2 to 3 weeks at room temperature, shaking daily. Filter through cheesecloth and then through a coffee filter; add simple syrup and lemon extract (optional). Next add (top with) water to bring the total volume up to 25.4 ounces. The liqueur is very good at this point; it will become smoother if it is aged for a few weeks or more.
Sweet Cherry Liqueur 2

3 cups vodka
1 cup brandy
2 cups sugar
1 lb Pitted sweet cherries, remove stems
Mix sugar and liquor together and pour into an aging container. Wash cherries and remove any stems. Put a cut or two into the cherries and add to aging container as well. Shake well every couple of days and age for 2 or 3 months. Strain off cherries and extract juice. Re-bottle.
Sweet Cherry Liqueur 3

1/2 pound Bing Cherries
1/2 pound Granulated sugar
2 cups Vodka
Pick plump, shiny, well-coloured fruit with green stems, avoiding dark coloured stems. Season is late April to August. Use cherries as soon as ripe. Wash, stem, and towel dry cherries and place in a jar. Pour sugar over the cherries, followed by the vodka. Cover with lid and store on a shelf for 3 months without disturbing, then strain. Liqueur is ready to serve.

Nalivkas (Fruit Liqueurs)

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