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Tea Liqueur Recipes

Nalivkas (Fruit Liqueurs)

Tea Liqueur 1

6 teabags Earl Grey tea or other fine tea
24 oz. Vodka (80 proof)
1 tsp. Glycerine
1 cup Granulated sugar
1/2 cup Distilled water
Combine tea and vodka in a large glass jar. Steep tea in alcohol for approximately 20 to 22 hours, but no longer. Remove tea. Add the glycerine. In a scrupulously clean pan, boil the water. Add the sugar, stirring rapidly. When the sugar is dissolved,
remove from heat. Allow the sugar syrup to return to room temperature. Add the syrup to the alcohol mixture. Store in a tightly capped glass bottle. The liqueur is better when aged for 2 or more months.
Tea Liqueur 2

2 ts Black tea leaves
1 1/2 c Vodka
1/2 c Sugar syrup
Steep the tea leaves in vodka for 24 hours. Strain and add sugar syrup. Age for 2 weeks.
Green Tea Liqueur

6 tsp. green tea leaves
3 c. vodka
1 c. syrup
2-3 drops green food coloring
The tea leaves should be steeped in the vodka for only 24 hours; longer makes the liqueur bitter. Shake the jar or bottle well when you add the leaves. Add the sweetener and coloring the next day.

Nalivkas (Fruit Liqueurs)

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