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Oak Schnapps Recipes

Nastoykas (Tinctures)

   Oak schnapps - based on fresh, small oak branches - is a wonderful schnapps with a delightful whiskey like taste and rich flavours. It has a beautiful dark reddish brown color. Serve with smoked salmon, roast pork, strong cheese, poultry, soup, fish, lamb, seafood, red meat, spicy dishes, chocolate and chocolate desserts.
Oak Schnapps

Oak branches
Unflavoured vodka - 40% alcohol content (80 proof)
Chop the branches into smaller pieces - 2-3 centimeters long. Leave the bark on. Use a clean glass jar with tight-fitting lid. Fill 2/3 of the jar with branch pieces. Cover completely with clear, unflavoured vodka - 40% alcohol content (80 proof). Let steep for 1 year or more in a dark place at room temperature, 18-20°C (64-68°F). Shake lightly and taste it from time to time. Strain and filter your infusion into a clean glass bottle or jar with tight-fitting lid. Store (age) for at least 6 months in a dark place at room temperature before serving.

Nastoykas (Tinctures)

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