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   China is an ancient country. Chinese culinary arts have a long history. They are famous all over the world. Chinese dishes appeal to the senses through colour, shape, aroma and taste. For local styles, Beijing cuisine combines the best features of different regional styles. Shangdong cuisine leads the Northern dishes. Shangdong cooks are good at cooking seafoods. Sichuan cooks specialize in chilies and hot peppers and Sichuan dish is famous for aromatic and spicy sauces. Guangdong cooking makes use of many ingredients. They look for fresh, tender, crisp textures. Huai Yang cuisine stresses the natural flavours. Dishes are strong but not greasy, and light but delicate. Tan cuisine is both sweet and salty, There is a saying that "southerners have a sweet tooth, and northerners crave salt", but Tan dishes manage to satisfy both.
Smoked Duck
2 ducks with feathers
100 scallion
100 g ginger
25 g anise
Cooking Instructions:
Clean the ducks, rub over with salt and pickle in a jar for four hours, turning over once. Dip the ducks into boiling water until the skins shrivel, hang in a draft and rub off the feathers. Put four thin iron sticks in the smoking pan, hang the ducks on the sticks with their backs downward. Smoke the ducks for five minutes, turn over and smoke for a further 5 minutes. Put water, spices, soy sauce, scallion, and ginger into a large saucepan and bring to the boil, put the ducks in and simmer for 45 minutes, remove, then chop into pieces.
Taros with Honey Juice
1000 g red taros
200 g honey
125 g crystal sugar
Cooking Instructions:
Choose some orange-colored taros which have "sweated", wash, peel, chop into pieces which have two pointed ends. Put a bamboo steamer in a casserole, add water and crystal sugar, when the sugar melts, put in the taros and honey and simmer for one hour. When the juice has boiled down, transfer the taros to a plate and pour on the juice.
Wild Rice Stem in Rice Wine
400 g wild rice stem
Rice wine
Cooking Instructions:
Slice the wild rice stem into pieces and crush with the blade of a cleaver, scald, soak in cold water. Bring the chicken soup with seasonings to the boil, drop in the wild rice stem pieces, simmer till well done, pour in rice wine, bring to the boil and thicken with cornstarch.
Beef with Black Pepper
500 g beef
200 g onions
25 g black pepper
25 g hot pepper grains
1 egg
20 g Jishi powder
Cooking Instructions:
Remove the sinews of the beef, cut obliquely into thick slices, beat loose with a cleaver, add salt, MSG, flour, cornstarch, soy sauce, five spices powder, water, and beaten egg, steep for 30 minutes, then saute in 40% heated oil until done. Leave a little oil in the wok, add chopped garlic, onion, hot pepper grains, black pepper grains and stir-fry until the fragrance comes out, add the beef, add condiments and stir-fry. Transfer the beef to a heated iron plate covered with onion rings, pour the juice into the iron sauce jug.
Sweet and Sour Pork with Chilli
300 g skinless half-lean pork
150 g cooked bamboo shoots
Cooking Instructions:
Cut the pork into long strips, score slightly crosswise, then slice, steep in salt and spirits, remove, dip in beaten egg white, coat with dry cornstatch, deep-fry for 3 minutes in 50% heated oil, turn off the heat, and remove after 2 minnutes. Heat the oil again to 50% hot, drop in pork slices, bamboo shoot slices and deep-fly until golden. Fly finely chopped garlic and chillies until the fragrance comes out, add scallion, sugar and vinegar sauce, thicken with cornstarch, drop in the pork slices and bamboo shoot slices, sprinkle with oil.
Pigeon Slices with Cabbage Mustard
One young pigeon
200 g cabbage mustard stalks
Crushed garlic
Finely chooped ginger
Bamboo shoot tops
Cooking Instructions:
Cut the cabbage mustard stalks into sections, score crosswise twice and soak in water. Pick out the meat from the pigeon, slice and steep for 20 minutes in salt, MSG, corn starch, and flour. Scald, then stir-fry the cabbage mustard, add soup, salt, and MSG, pile the stalks on a plate. Fry the pigeon meat in 40% heated oil until done. Leave a little oil in the pan, put in garlic, ginger, bamboo shoot tops, then drop in the pigeon meat, stir fry, add soup-stock, MSG, oyster il, sesame oil, pepper and sornstarch solution, sprinkle in a little oil and pour the mixture over the stalks.
Chicken Balls with Qiandao Sauce
450 g chicken leg
11 mustard leaf hearts
Qiandao sauce
2 g crushed garlic
5 g chicken powder
1 g pepper
1 g sesame oil
Cooking Instructions:
Slice the chicken leg and steep for 20 minutes in salt, MSG, and flour. Fry the chicken slices in 40% heated oil till they curl into balls. Leave a little oil in the wok and add crushed garlic and Qiandao sauce, then drop in the chicken slices, add cornstarch soup, salt, chicken powder, sesame oil, pepper, toss and drop in a little clear oil, transfer to a plate. Dip the mustard leaf hearts in boiling water and remove, saute, add cooking wine and cornstarch soup, and place beside the chicken balls.
Tomatoes with Straw Mushrooms
10 tomatoes (1000 g)
450 g straw mushrooms
10 rape leaves
Cooking Instructions:

Wash the rape leaves, dip them into boling water and remove, sprinkle with sesame oil and arrange on a plate. Peel the tomatoes, chop off the tops, scoop out the seeds and place on the rape leaves with the open tops up. Wash the straw mushrooms and stir-fly slightly in 40% heated oil, add cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, vegetable soup and MSG, bring to the boil, thicken with cornstarch and pour into the tomatoes.
Steamed Duck in Lotus Leaf
Duckling 500 g
Soaked mushroom 25g
Carrot slices 10g
1 piece of lotus leaf
Soy sauce 10 g
Refined salt 2 g
Gourmet powder 5 g
Rice wine 5 g
Sesame oil 2 g
Cornstarch 15 g
Peanut oil 20 g
Scallion 5 g
Cooking Instructions:
Clean the duckling and cut into pieces of 3 by 2 centimetres. Slice the mushroom. Preserve the duckling pieces for 30 minutes in the mixture made up of mushroom, carrot slices, soy sauce, salt, gourmet powder, rice wine, sesame oil, starch, peanut oil and scallion. Cut the lotus leaf and make it fit well in the steamer tray and place the preserved duckling in the middle. Steam the tray over high heat for 30 minutes.
Fragrant Stewed Chicken

One fat hen
Two soaked Xianggu mushrooms
Two slices of ham
5 cloves
50 g sorghum wine
Cooking Instructions:
Clean the chicken. Cut it open from the back. Cut three times crosswise. Put into a stewing earthen bowl with the backside down. Pile the ham slices and mushrooms on the chicken. Add condiments, and chicken soup. Add a cup containing sorghum wine and cloves. Secure the lid and steam for two hours, remove the cup.
Shark Fins and Scallops
300 g water expanded shark fins
100 g scallops
Red and green cherries
Ham, pork, chicken and duck slices
Cooking Instructions:
Scald the shark fins, steep in chicken soup till flavored, remove to a bowl and cover with ham, pork, chicken and duck slices, drain out the juice, turn the bowl upside down onto a plate. Scald the scallops in chicken soup, together with the red and green cherries place arround the shark fins.
Meat Balls with Crab Meat
500 g pork rib slices
50 g crab ovary
125 g crab meat
250 g green vegetable hearts
1 g shrimp roe
500 g clear soup
Cooking Instructions:
Cut the pork rib slices into the size and shape of pomegranate seeds. Mix thoroughly with scallion strips, ginger juice, crab meat, shrimp roe, salt, cooking wine and cornstarch. Wash the vegetable hearts, scald in oil and transfer to a casserole. Add stock and bring to the boil. Squeeze the meat mix into balls, place beside the vegetable hearts, top with crab ovary, cover with vegetable leaves. Cover the casserole, place on low heat and simmer for 2 hours.
Chicken Slices with Golden-needle Mushrooms
250 g chicken breast meat
150 g golden-needle mushrooms
1 egg white
Cooking Instructions:
Cut the ckicken meat into pieces, add egg white, salt and cornstarch, stir evenly. Cut the mushrooms into short lengths, scald in clear soup, and let to dry. Scald the chicken pieces and mushrooms, quickly saute, add dondiments and thicken with cornstarch solution.
Turtle Soup
1 live turtle
10 g Chinese caterpillar fungus (cordyceps)
Turtle eggs
5 sections of scallion
3 pieces of ginger
50 g chicken soup
Cooking Instructions:
Wash the live turtle, remove its head and claws, and cut into slices. Wash the caterpillar fungus in tepid water. Season oil in a wok with scallion knots and ginger slices, drop in the turtle slices, turtle gizzard, liver slices and salt, saute for 5 minutes, transfer to a casserole. Add caterpillar fungus and clear chicken soup, stew over a high heat for 2 hours till the soup is concentrated, transfer to a Chinese steamer and steam for half an hour.
Fish Balls with Fresh Scallop
250 g fresh scallop
1 fish (700 g)
Cooking Instructions:
Remove the veins and membrane of the scallops and scald in soup stock. Clean, bone and fillet the fish, score and cut into squares, season with cooking wine, MSG, salt, and scallion and ginger sauce. Saute the fish in 6-fold hot oil until the squares curl up, drop in the scallops, thicken slightly.
Corn with Dried Shrimps
350 g baby corn
50 g dried shrimps soaked in water
Cooking Instructions:
Cut the corn lengthwise in two, scald, drop into cold water, and drain. Heat sesame oil to 5-fold hot, fry minced ginger, pour in cooking wine, drop in shrimps, corn , soup stock and salt, stir-fry.
Black Sea Cucumber with Shrimp Roe
One big black sea cucumber soaked in water
Shrimp roe
Scallion sections
2g shrimp roe
1g scallion
Cooking Instructions:
Fry the black sea cucumber in 6-fold heated oil for a while, add shrimp roe and clear soup. Stew till soft, remove, keep the sea cucumber stock. Deep-fry scallion sections in 5-fold heated oil till flavored, remove the scallion, pour in sea cucumber stock, bring to the boil, thicken, sprinkle over the sea cucumber.
Roasted Leg of Lamb
3000 g leg of lamb
300 g onion
200 g celery
Cooking Instructions:
Discard the shank, score the innerside of the leg crosswise, and steep for three hours in a mixture of cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, prickly ash, fennel seeds, ginger slices, scallion lengths and garlic slices. Slice the onions and cut the celery into lengths, place them on the leg of lamb, and roast in an oven for 1.5 hours.
Chestnuts with Cabbage
100 g raw chestnuts
250 g cabbage hearts
Cooking Instructions:
Chop the chestnuts into halves, boil for five minutes, remove, peel, and cut in halves again. Cut the cabbage hearts into strips and fry in 70% heated oil until golden. Dip the chestnuts into boiling oil and remove. Put the chestnuts and cabbage strips into boiling water to rinse out the oil; remove and drain. Put finely chopped ginger into 70% heated oil over a high heat, add soup-stock, condiments, cabbage, chestnuts and sugar, bring to the boil, simmer until well-done, add MSG, turn the heat high again, thicken, sprinkle with sesame oil.

World Cuisine Recipes


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