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Andorra (Andorran Recipes)

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   Andorra cuisine, is a traditional mountain cuisine, which is close enough to the Catalan, with French influences. Among the Andorran specialties are the salumi and sausages in particular, meat is very popular especially pork, many are the cheeses (like tupi, which is fermanted with garlic) and cold meat dishes such as el abat, el mondongo or llonganiza. Among the typical dishes are the trinxat (bacon, potatoes and cabbage), cunillo (rabbit in tomato sauce), the xai (roast lamb), the calçots (cooked grilled onions) and the escudella (stewed chicken, with sausages and meatballs). Among the typical desserts are los torreznos de miel.
A green cabbage
Some cloves of garlic
Cooking Instructions: Boil the potatoes and green cabbage, then drain and cut. Fry in a frying pan with three or four cloves of garlic and a slice of bacon cut into cubes. Garlic and bacon should be fried slowly turning the bacon from side to side so that it becomes crispy on the outside. The Trinxat can also be served with salted herring.
Andencian Paella

400 gr. of rice
800 gr. of divided chicken
550 grams of divided rabbit
a dozen of "vaquetas" o snails
400 grams of "garrofo"
200 grams de "tavella" or haricot bean
300 grams of ferraura or wide green bean
250 ml of olive
a garlic tooth
a spoonful of pimenton
fiber Saffron and salt.
Cooking Instructions:
The pieces of chicken and rabbit are sofríen until they are cooked. Vegetable is added until this sofrita and adds garlic, pimentón and a little tomato if it is pleased. One adds to water 2 liters approx. and "vaquetas" that is let cook 10 minutes. Next the rice is added and the fibers of saffron during 8 minutes are let cook and it is let rest about 4 minutes more.
Cheese Cake

3 cheese small boxes of Philadelfia or similar
3 eggs
1 on of Potax or espesante for flan
3 soperas spoonfuls of sugar.
Cooking Instructions:
The eggs are fought and the sugar is added and little by little the cheese until making a homogenous mixture and on of Potax and is put in a tartera and the furnace preheated to 180 degrees is put and located in the part of above so that it is not burned, about 20 minutes. They are put in the refrigerator and can use with a jam as strawberry or bilberries.
Bread with Tomato
Cooking Instructions:
The bread is taken and the bread with the tomato is cut to the tomato by half bathing and it adds to olive oil and a little salt. It is possible to be accompanied by jamón, inlays, cheeses or tortilla.
Spanish Omelette

5 or 6 potatoes of medium size
5 eggs
olive oil
Cooking Instructions:
"Pelar" the potatoes and to divide them in cuadraditos. The frying pan with the oil is put and when this hot one is added the potatoes are covered awhile so that they become soft and they are opened and they are let freir until they take a color gilded. Salt is added and the 5 eggs in an earthen bowl are fought where we will soon add potatoes already fried, everything in the earthen bowl was mixed and it will be put to again warm up the paella with olive oil and a little is added to the content of the earthen bowl lowering the fire and moving the paella so that the content does not stick. The return with a plate occurs to the 3 minutes and it is let cook other 2 minutes by him another side and good benefit.
Chicken to Garlic and Whiscky
8 "contramuslos" of chicken
1 glass of those of water with whiskey (if there is not whiskey, cognac or 1 tin of   beer)
6 teeth of garlic
1 onion
 Cooking Instructions:
5 teeth of garlic sour very fine, and they are mixed with the whiskey and you leave. The contramuslos in this mixture bathe and it is let rest one hour, so that it takes all the flavor. They slip, trying that is not left too much garlic stuck, and they are fried in abundant very hot oil. When they are gilded they retire. In a low and flat pot we put very little oil, whereupon it covers the bottom is sufficient, and rehogamos the very fine perforated onion until he is transparent. We added the last tooth of garlic cut in laminillas, and when everything is on the verge of gilding itself, we added to the mixture of whiskey and garlic, and a water small glass. We put the contramuslos later and we let cook to untimed fire until the sauce thickens. If the sauce is oily, we will retire the oil leftover that is floating on the sauce with a spoon. For trimming: In the supermarkets there are small potatoes that come cut in laminillas and packaged in on from plastic. If the rehogamos with the leftover oil of the sauce and a little parsley, the plate will be round. With verduritas also done in very hot car it to me and you leave fat person is wonderfully.

World Cuisine Recipes

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